Friday, May 27, 2016

Sun Painting a Silk Chiffon Scarf

Hello everyone! I am soo sorry it's been so long since I've FLIES!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow!

I have a post from a couple of years ago regarding sun painting with Pebeo Set a Color Paints on cotton panels. Since I'm teaching a Sun Painting on silk class in July at the Yadkin Arts Center, I figured I'd better hone the skills. I found some pre-dyed silk chiffon scarves that I was going to use for Nuno Felting. I ironed it out then ironed it onto freezer paper to act as a stabilizer.

I also had some thin insulation I used for batik a few years ago so I could pin the scarf  and the leaves down. I decided to try Sweet Gum leaves to start with.
I used Brown Set a Color fabric paint that had been mixed 1 part paint to 2 parts Water.
Then I started to apply the paint to the scarf. I used brown only because it was the strongest color I had that could cover the oranges and reds in my scarf.
I used gloves and I really have to recommend them, this paint does not come off your hands very easily.
After I applied the brown paint to the surface of the scarf, I then added the leaves and put small pins in them to help keep them stable.
I used longer pins as well but tried to keep them angled more on the leaf to prevent a shadow from the sunlight.
Once everything was pinned down...
I set the scarf out on the drive way to bask in the rays of sun.
Monte got into the fun of it as well. He is a great studio pooch!
I had to run some errands so I left this out in the sun for 2 hours and....

I can see how real leaves curl up in the sun, however we can see the design left.
Here is the wrong side of the scarf, which looks really cool!
And below is the side of the scarf that the paint is on.
It's a fun technique and for the first time on silk chiffon I'm impressed with the results. I have a couple of other scarves I'm going to play with. I defiantly LOVE the effect of the pre-dyed scarfs and then using the paints to contrast the original color.  I do recommend that you base the scarf with a light color and not a strong one line red and orange!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

She Started It!......

My sister Anne and I decided to collaborate on a project for North Carolina Quilt Symposium 2015. We decided to start a project and then "switch" and then finish each others project. We had both taken almost identical pictures of the most amazing Southern Magnolia at NCQS 2014 and decided to use those as our subject matter. I blew up my photo to 11x17".

Then I made a black and white copy of the photo

and then I traced the picture out with tracing paper so I can put the white cotton fabric over it and trace in onto the fabric.

After I did that, I painted the flower and leaves in.
Just as I got Kathie Started It finished, I got Anne's in the mail.
Anne had opted to do an applique of the flower and sent me the pieces beautifully basted on a red back ground.
I like the red and it was a great contrast for the white petals however, I could see red coming through the white so I decided to play around with some dyes and dyed new fabric to use.
Then I ironed the pieces into place and added leaves.
 I started to shadow in some of the areas with my Derwent  Inktense pencils. If you get a chance to but these, get them! They blend like water color pencils however once they are heat set, they are permanent.
Then it came time to applique the flower to the background and thread sketch the details into the petals and the leaves.
Once I got that petals taken I had to quilt the piece before I tackled the flower center. I didn't want to take a chance on crushing the center in ANY of the finishing process.
The center was the biggest challenge. As you can see from the pictures above it's quite a large part of the flower and it's anything but flat.
I found some white ribbon and cut it into 1" pieces.
I then laid out a light brown ribbon, taped it down and added a small line of glue,
 then laid the pieces of ribbon on the glue and waited for it to dry. When it was dry, I ran it through my sewing machine to secure them tightly.
I did the same thing with some pipe cleaners
Then I laid them on the center and stitched them down, row by row until I had the right layout.
and Viola, I had my center, and I added prisma colors I matched at the art store to get as much contrast as I could.
 and then, using Gel Medium to sculpt the center into place. This step took much longer than I anticipated. I learned to use straws cut down, bobby pins and tape to help keep the curl.
and adding some hot fix crystals I was able to safely say I was finished and sent Anne Started It off to NCQS 2015.
We'll find out 5/28/15 how it does.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Prayer Scarves

Hello Everyone!
I am completely amazed at how the flies. (Especially if you don't give a deadline) I have learned a new process and am using a new product that I REALLY like to create a new line. Prayer Scarves.
I copy down a Psalm down or other prayer, over paint it with Jaquaard  Permanent Resist, and then dye it with, (what else) Procian Fiber Reactive dyes.I first got this idea when I got an order from a Hospice i Colorado…I finally got a chance to put it into action two weeks ago.
I don't have the pictures, however here are the steps:
1) soak scarves in your soda ash solution
2) air dry
3) Iron
4) Iron on to freezer paper
Here is where the fun starts;
using a pencil or iron off pen, mark up lines and write in the text

Then, using the resist, paint in the words.

Get it all paint out. (FYI, if you photograph, use the white side of the bag you are recycling, ask me how I know)
Starting adding your color. Personally, I like to start with a yellow or Gold.
then you add the blue and the red and any other colors you want. (I prefer primary colors to blend to create new colors)
I'm sorry, I didn't rotate the picture however you get the idea. I sent this to my sister and she LOVED it.
This is a Psalm I did and sent to my sister in-law. This was a first time using the resist..use the brush, I used a bottle with this and the resist is to heavy. (Sorry Kelly)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. May we find Peace on this Earth, we so need it!!
Give thanks for all!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Learning to Photograph Fiber

My Friend Leslie Fesperman, Artist owner of Simply Woven got together to watch a webnair to learn how to photograph our scarves. We learned a few things, 1) to turn off all flash and 2, to re-adjust your monitors colors.
So we made some adjustments to our cameras and we played with backgrounds.
Mum pattern color 3456 on white
Mum pattern color 3456 on black
Leslie's Scarf on white

Leslie's scarf on Gray

I don't have too many photographs of scarves , however here is a shot of Leslie's studio; Leslie has eight looms, three for personal use, 5 for teaching.

and Leslie has lot's of Chickens…..

All different kinds of Chickens……

Some with very elegant feather do's

Leslie has very friendly Chicken's! He is a beauty isn't he!
She is a great beauty as well!

Leslie also has alpaca's (3) of them.

Leslie and I did a photo exercise as suggested by the webnair. Pick a color and photograph it for a specific time period and then list all the photo's together so you can see how colors contrast against other colors. I chose red. We decided to take photographs during lunch at the locally famous Merritt's in Chapel Hill.
Leslie had the famous BLT (which looked like there was a 1/2 pound of bacon on it..YUM!) I got the best burger I've had in forever. (Major YUM!)
The red that jumped out at me was the Red Sox fan…but once I took his photo, (after I asked) others "red" jumped out at me. below is my study of the color red.

 I enjoyed doing this, and I look forward to trying it again with maybe..purple?