Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8, 2013

Come see me at the Holly Springs Arts Festival Saturday February 9 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM!!!
300 West Ballentine St, Holly Springs, NC.

Wow! Has it ever been stated before that TIME FLIES!!!!! I can't believe we are now into the second month of the new year. I can't believe it's been so long since my last post but I have been swamped!

I'd like to share with your the two customer orders I completed.

This was using pictures from Nuremberg Germany that my client and I both had.

This wall hanging was for a client in Durham. She supplied some of the pictures and I took the others the weekend I was at the Holiday Market at the Durham Arts Center.

I was quite happy at how they both turned out and my clients were VERY happy with the results.

I finally, (after neglecting to do so for at least three years) shut my studio down  and cleaned and organized it. It's amazing how much clutter can build up especially with Mixed Media supplies. I was too ashamed to take before pictures, I think Mr. Wonderful would have died of embarrassment if I had. I refused to do anything fun or crafty until I got it done so it took me one full weekend and two weeks but I got 98% of it done.

Gone are the piles that were starting to expand over the floor.

All my supplies now have a place and I also bought a labe er so mark the bins and drawers. The Picture on the left is the Mixed Media (paints, gels, etc) in the bakers rack. and next to that on the dresser is my drum carder.

I moved all my square wire shelves together and bought small bins to put all my fabric in. So instead of seeing fabric "Piled" in the shelves it's now sorted by color and value which helps when trying to find the right color. All big pieces are in a separate bin. I also made a new ironing table that is large enough to iron big items. I also added drawers where ever I could to leave my options open. I just have to discipline myself that if I buy something it has to be put away immediately (yeahhhhhh but it can be a goal right?) What I like the best is all fabric is with fabric, MM with MM and wool with wool. I also have cork squares started around the room so I can use it as a design board or pin up bits and pieces as I see fit.

My current project is FINALLY working on some of the batiks I dyed in November.

This is how it looked as it was drying in the sun. None of the wax had been removed. But you get the general idea of how it was going to turn out.
I'm finally playing with the results and my new resolution is to get better about taking pictures AS I work on a project instead of when it's almost over.
Below is how it looks after some thread and organza additions. I asked my Facebook buddies for their input and got some great suggestions for names.

There are some of the names:
Faded Rainbow
Ragged Glory
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Changing Seasons
Dreaming.....outside the box
Psychedelic Marshmallows
Block Party
Stained Glass
Cathedral Windows
When it's all done I'll post a new picture of it with the name.

I can't wait to get my needles into the one below!