Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inspired by EL Anatsui's exhibit at the NC Art Musuem

I went to the NC Art Museum June 30th with members of PAQA South and went through the EL Anatsui exhibit, "When I last wrote to you about Africa", Janna, (our President at the time) arranged for us to have a guided tour and WOW is all I can say. If this exhibit is ever in your area, please go see it, it's amazing.  To see some of his art click on the link
Anyway, to thank Janna for this treat, I was inspired by what I saw to make a post card recycling items from scraps and tags from the back of shirts.
First I dug around a bag of fiber scraps my friend Diane gave me from NCSU.

I laid these out on a 4x6 piece of quilt batting and sewed down the edges.

Then with the fibers on the right, I wove them into the fringe trying for a basket weave effect.

After I wove the fibers as much as I could I arranged what I could in the middle and then put water soluable stablizer over all if it and sewed over it all creating a new background fabric.
Then rinced out the stablizer. (I do love that stuff!)

Then I went hunting in the clothes that are headed for Goodwill and snagged some tags. I got the Lauren tag from a Sport Coat my honey just purchased.

I arranged how I wanted the tags and then dabbed some school glue to hold them in place then topped with a dark green Tulle.

Then I started stiching around every tag and along the edges of the new post card,

After I finished stiching I dug around my scrap bin and found an attractive brown to edge the postcard with. I used Wonderunder to attach it.

The I topped it off with some decorative stitching along the edges.

And Viola! a post card made from recycled items in my sewing room.
It was these items fate to be remade into my postcard.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Accepted in the Felted Wonders Challange at Cloth Paper Scissors!!!

I am so excited! My scarf was accepted as a finalist with 35 other's in the Felted Wonders Challange.
I'm hoping I can win the felting machine listed as the prize!! Happy Dance!