Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My First Art Showing!!!! Woo Hoo!!

I am sooooo pumped!! I entered the Cary Chamber Arts call for artists for  their show called "That Which I Love". I entered and found out this morning that I got in!

This is the wall hanging I submitted. The show is from June 29 - July 25.
http://chambersarts.com/ is a link to their website.

Wish me luck!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp Kathie

My sister Anne and her bestest oldest friend Dawn came down for a visit June 3.
Anne Diagonal
Diagonal Dawn
They got in Sunday Late afternoon and were road weary...but after a some wine, a good nights sleep we were up and ready for fun. We spent Monday shopping and getting supplies. Tuesday had us in the garage getting the dye baths ready for fun. After scouring yards of fabric I decided to teach them some Shibori ties. So we stiched and gabbed and gabbed and stitched and then got into the color. Below are the results and they are stunning. Dawn says she now has a new hobby to try and hopes here hubby is OK with it.
Circle Moi
Circle Anne

Circles w/diagonals
Diagonal Moi

I don't know why my pictures are jumping all ove this blog
I think it's time to sign off and update my next project.
So long farewell, see you again soon!

Celebration of the Arts in Fuquay Varina June 2

I know this post is late but what a great time I had in Fuquay Varina at their Celebration of the Arts Festival. I finally got an EZ Up tent and it totally changed the look of my display (thank you Donna!)
My friend Sue came and helped me out that day. The weather was perfect and the location couldn't have been better. Hubby made me a new display so I can show the scarves better. (I am so lucky!)  it turned out very nice and it's light and easy to carry.
The only drawback was that the silk slides...no worries though clothes pins should take care of that. But they are easier to see and I can sort them for contrastability (new word I made up) The other display was nice to but it's beginning to lean and the scarves are pushed together too much to really see.

I also decided to make cell phone cases and possibly more small bags with my hand dyed fabric.

I also put our 1 yard pieces of other hand dyed fabric as well as fat quarters.
I also put out the Shibori Panels I made before. I think I'm going to play around with Shibori more in the cottons..it's really a cool technique.

I also came across some Batik panels I made in a class and got them finished off. While I was getting the wax out of them I was remembering how much fun we had making them and yep....guess what else I'm going to start doing...Batiks...I've made 2 scarves so far (not pictured as yet) and a big panel that is really cool. (again not pictured as yet)

The Batiks are great color
I really love how great my display looks with the white EZ Up Tent and all the bright colors around it.

Happy Happy Happy
Joy Joy Joy