Thursday, May 26, 2011

More uses for freezer paper

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the delay in getting new stuff on the blog. I want to show you a new technique I tried and was pretty happy with the results

I dyed a scarf a light blue and let it air dry after I rinsed out the excess dye and other additives. Then I cut out leaves and vines from freezer paper.
After ironing the dry scarf I arranged the cut leaves and vines on the flat scarf and ironed the down.
*Tip: for small pieces use a sharpie brand marker and color the paper side of the freezer paper so you can easily tell which side is waxed.

After you get all the pieces arranged and ironed………..
Start mixing some color!!!

I wanted to compliment the blue background so I mixed red and blue to get a lovely shade of purple!
After mixing the colors I added soda ash water and put it into a spay bottle and set it for as much of a mist as I could get.
Since I didn't have a table long enough to lay this out all the way (at this time anyway) I laid it on the grass.
And proceeded to spray it down.

I really tried to keep the lightest mist I could however I really wanted to get this done before the neighbors poked their heads out and say me in my "weekend lounge wear", yoga pants and an old T-shirt of Dale's.

Once I got it covered enough I let it dry without rinsing for a day. I also left the freezer paper on it.

After 24 hours I pulled off the freezer paper and washed it in hot water.

the end result was VERY cool. You can see the leaves and vines under the purple.  I plan on trying this again on some other scarves so stay tuned :-)
I think I want to try this with an air brush as well, I'd have better control of the mist......


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