Monday, April 16, 2012

Ahhh yes. They sun is shining, the birds are singing happily the weather is getting sooooo balmy and what's a girl to do when the hubby is away and it’s above seventy degrees??? That’s right! Get out into the garage and create!!!
I decided to try Nuno felting again.

The first step was to outline the silk chiffon scarf I was using with painters tape on to the table. Then I laid a layer of bubble wrap (bubbles facing up) and then a layer of plastic wrap on top of the bubble wrap. (This keeps the fibers from getting “into” the bubble wrap).

Once I had my layers in place I started to spread small pieces of wool roving along the borders of the blue tape.

Once I had my layers in place I started to spread small pieces of wool roving along the borders of the blue tape.

As soon as I got the border complete I started to add more wool to the center. I experimented and made small flowers with gold and black wool. I also added some fibers I from a vendor at the vendor show in Sanford in January. Not really sure what fiber they were but since they felted I’m pretty sure they were natural.

After I got the wool arranged, I carefully (and slowly) arranged the silk chiffon scarf on top of the wool roving

Then I started to add the wool to the other side of the scarf in the same way, the borders and I made more cute little flowers  
I pulled the flowers out for last since I was having problems the wool mixing in with them.

Once all the wool was laid I out the flowers back on…perfect!

I then carefully laid tulle over the top of the scarf.

Then carefully poured warm (not hot) soapy water over the tulle what’s not shown is I poured it over my hand so the wool was not pushed out of place.

Once it was all wet, I took a swimming noodle and rolled it up and secured with knee high panty hose.

Then I started to roll the noodle. It’s kind of like rolling with your forearms down the center out and then moving your arms to the outside with your elbows and pulling in. Sometime if I can get someone to take pictures while I’m doing it I’ll share it.


After about 50 rolls, I undid the panty hose and carefully unrolled the scarf and then went to the opposite side and rolled it up again, secured it and did another 50 rolls.

After that 50, I again unrolled the scarf and carefully peeled back the tulle before it totally meshed into the wool fibers. Then I flipped the scarf and took away the plastic wrap and re-rolled the scarf with the noodle and went to town….I probably rolled this for 8 songs on my IPod. When I was done I unrolled the scarf and checked to make sure the fibers were enmeshed into the scarf. (they were!)

After being rolled for 8 songs

Then I took HOT soapy water (heated in the tea kettle) and poured it over the wool to help shrink it.  After a few minutes I folded up the scarf and took it to the sink. Under hot tap water I rubbed the fibers together even more.

Then comes the fun part…still folded together, I threw the scarf into the sink to “shock” the scarf into submission. I did this 4-5 times.

After that I soaked the scarf in 1 quart of cold water with 1 Tablespoon of white vinegar for 15 minutes, then rinsed well and hung outside to dry.

It turned out sooooo pretty!! I think I’m going to get some yardage of silk chiffon and see if I can’t do larger pieces and make a vest or jacket

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