Monday, August 12, 2013

The Second Annual Art Festival at Logan's Trading Company

It was a great day for an Art Celebration at Logan's Trading Company in Raleigh at Seaboard Station Saturday August 10. I really didn't know what to expect regarding where we were going to set up. It was a very pleasant surprise to find out we were setting up on the grounds around all the lovely plants and shrubs. Even nicer was my spot was located along the railroad tracks so I was partially covered by a long narrow roof and netting. With my tent covering what the roof and netting didn't cover, I was pretty much shaded from the sun and comfortable. (at least as comfortable as one can be outside in 90+degree heat). I had some great neighbors, Rick and Lisa and lots of friendly, helpful employees from Logan's to make sure we were doing well.

I'm not sure what this roof was supposed to be for however it was very nice to set up under
You can see the netting I mentioned earlier
There were more artists at the other side of Logan's
Here are pictures of my new friends
Rick Bennett owner Artist of Tipping Art

Lisa Mathias owner Artist of Snazzy Trinkets
This is my friend Robyn owner Artist of Whimsical Robyn

some of my Cityscape's and scarves

These are the Ice Dyed Shibori

Some of the Burn Out and Iced Shibori

Nuno Felted Scarves

How could anyone resist these?!

At some point, while I was stamping dragonflies  onto paper lunch bags, I felt that wonderful breeze come through and stopped what I was doing and listened to a beautiful rendition of "Blackbird" sung by two ladies who were accompanied by a fiddle and banjo, I became aware of how lucky I was to have that moment and how lucky I am to be who I am at this phase in my life. 


  1. wow that looked all so beautiful and I loved the pictures of all your friends!


  2. Lovely statement! Loved seeing the new pictures of your goodies!