Monday, November 7, 2011

Western Wake County Farmers Market and Craft Show Saturday November 5, 2011

What a GREAT adventure!
The wind and the cold had to be experienced.  As you can see by the below pictures we had a steady blast and some wild gusts!

You can see the table cloths and the scarves blowing in the wind 
Luckily I grabbed some rocks I picked up in Lake Superior to put on the coners to keep the table cloths from blowing off.

When we had started our dying thing, we started on cotton fabrics and stiched Shibori panels before we found the scarf niche. We decided to add some of these projects to the offerings. Below are some pictures.

Fat Quarters and squares

As the day wore on the wind got stronger and stronger. It became a challange that the dragonflies took on....

The other vendors had issues as well, lucky for us there are two of us, one on each side. However a nice man named Travis came over and helped us shore of the sides of the tent to keep it more stable so we were at least able to conduct business. Thank you Travis!!!!

It was a nice market and here are a couple of shots of the marketplace.

We made a new friend, his name is Dewey! Dosen't he look adorable in one of our bandana's?

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