Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dying with Ice

Saturday the Dragonflies played around with a technique called “Ice Dying”.
The gist of the whole process is using dry dye powder and to sprinkle on ice to get a very interesting color intensity.
You need the following:

  • Scarf or fabric (soaked in Soda Ash water)     
  • Procian dye (I used Turquoise and Fuchsia and Golden Yellow)
  • Plastic spoon             
  • Container to hold iced fabric  
  • Crushed Ice

After soaking your scarf or fabric in soda ash water, lay it out in the container

Sprinkle the ice over the top of the scarf (or fabric) and even it out across the surface

Measure out some dye on the plastic spoon and start to sprinkle on to the ice.

After you get the coverage you want,
fold the ends of the scarf (or fabric) over the ice

add more ice over the surface.
*Note: try to remember to add the ice before you accidently sprinkle the surface with ice.

I also added a dash of Golden Yellow just to break up the blue and red.

After I added all the colors I wanted to add, I took it outside and let the sun accelerate the melting process.  

After an hour and a half I came back to them and found scarf soup.
I was rather afraid that I was going to end up with a mess on my hands, but my fears turned to delight after I rinsed and washed the scarf. Below are the results and for a first time I think they came out well!