Saturday, November 24, 2012

Durham Holiday Market

I had my first show in Durham November 16 and 17th at the Durham Arts Counsel. What a great time! I met some great artists while I was there. Some from Durham and some from Raleigh. Since it was a two day show I decided to leave early from work and get set up so I didn't have to rush. (I'm also not that familiar with Durham) So as I packed the Edge and left the house I had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting I ticked off my mental list of what was packed...I was fine...I was just being paranoid...until I got to the Arts Counsel building and unloaded my stuff and started putting things together when I realized that I forgot my scarf display....yep...I forgot the big piece of my display...and it's a one hour drive to my house and an hour drive back....I fought then rising panic and the internal name calling calmed down and decided that I had just been given a new opportunity to find a way to display the scarves I've not yet tried. Thank God I had gotten the grid walls last month!! I also had some extra shower curtain rings so this is what I came up with:

It turned out really well after all so I may just do away with the display rack all together. The grid walls display the Cityscapes I did of Raleigh really well.

Once I got done setting up I had a late lunch at an awesome little restaurant called "Toast" I have to go back.

Crostini Special and a salad!

All in all it was a great sale and if I had Durham Cityscapes, I'd have sold them over and over. Saturday morning I walked around downtown Durham and took lots of time I'll have Durham Cityscapes. In fact I'm working on a custom order as I type. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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