Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HollyFest November 3

We had a beautiful day to sell at HollyFest last Saturday! It was such a blessing since the original weekend it was scheduled had dregs of Superstrom Sandy coming through. It was cool when we set up. Mr. Wonderful and my self had the vehicle all packed and ready to go Saturday morning so we didn't have such a runaround rush getting out the door. The set up was organized and we didn't have any problems. Mr. Wonderful had to go to work so I was on my own. Luckily artists and crafters are very friendly and helpful people!

All set up!
I had a very colorful display and I received numerous compliments on the colors. I was able to get grid walls so I could display some Batik panels I made. I was also nice to be able to set some personal space behind the grids to keep my stuff and to eat lunch.

I met another couple, Peter and Kathy Firth from Wakeforest. They are the owners. creators of P&K Originals. Kathy makes quilts, book covers and small bags. Peter makes machine turned wooden bowls and other decorative objects. They were both very helpful when I needed to leave for a few minutes. Peter made the shelves shown in the picture. He did a great job!

This is how the booth looked like on the right side. I really need to pay attention to the sheets...they look rather sloppy...

This is a photo of how the left side looked. I think I need to do one of two things with Monique the mannequin; either paint her or put more clothes on her. Although I think my scarf got more attention with her naked....I caught a few guys eyeballing the legs under the scarf.

I'll be at the Durham Holiday Market November 16 and 17.
Maybe I'll see you there!

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