Monday, June 16, 2014

Learning to Photograph Fiber

My Friend Leslie Fesperman, Artist owner of Simply Woven got together to watch a webnair to learn how to photograph our scarves. We learned a few things, 1) to turn off all flash and 2, to re-adjust your monitors colors.
So we made some adjustments to our cameras and we played with backgrounds.
Mum pattern color 3456 on white
Mum pattern color 3456 on black
Leslie's Scarf on white

Leslie's scarf on Gray

I don't have too many photographs of scarves , however here is a shot of Leslie's studio; Leslie has eight looms, three for personal use, 5 for teaching.

and Leslie has lot's of Chickens…..

All different kinds of Chickens……

Some with very elegant feather do's

Leslie has very friendly Chicken's! He is a beauty isn't he!
She is a great beauty as well!

Leslie also has alpaca's (3) of them.

Leslie and I did a photo exercise as suggested by the webnair. Pick a color and photograph it for a specific time period and then list all the photo's together so you can see how colors contrast against other colors. I chose red. We decided to take photographs during lunch at the locally famous Merritt's in Chapel Hill.
Leslie had the famous BLT (which looked like there was a 1/2 pound of bacon on it..YUM!) I got the best burger I've had in forever. (Major YUM!)
The red that jumped out at me was the Red Sox fan…but once I took his photo, (after I asked) others "red" jumped out at me. below is my study of the color red.

 I enjoyed doing this, and I look forward to trying it again with maybe..purple?

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