Monday, December 1, 2014

Prayer Scarves

Hello Everyone!
I am completely amazed at how the flies. (Especially if you don't give a deadline) I have learned a new process and am using a new product that I REALLY like to create a new line. Prayer Scarves.
I copy down a Psalm down or other prayer, over paint it with Jaquaard  Permanent Resist, and then dye it with, (what else) Procian Fiber Reactive dyes.I first got this idea when I got an order from a Hospice i Colorado…I finally got a chance to put it into action two weeks ago.
I don't have the pictures, however here are the steps:
1) soak scarves in your soda ash solution
2) air dry
3) Iron
4) Iron on to freezer paper
Here is where the fun starts;
using a pencil or iron off pen, mark up lines and write in the text

Then, using the resist, paint in the words.

Get it all paint out. (FYI, if you photograph, use the white side of the bag you are recycling, ask me how I know)
Starting adding your color. Personally, I like to start with a yellow or Gold.
then you add the blue and the red and any other colors you want. (I prefer primary colors to blend to create new colors)
I'm sorry, I didn't rotate the picture however you get the idea. I sent this to my sister and she LOVED it.
This is a Psalm I did and sent to my sister in-law. This was a first time using the resist..use the brush, I used a bottle with this and the resist is to heavy. (Sorry Kelly)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. May we find Peace on this Earth, we so need it!!
Give thanks for all!

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